Paper Hanging Gift Basket

This project shows you how to make a simple but elegant paper basket that can be used to give gifts

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Hangup as decorations or much much more.

What you need

Light blue, Green
Patterned papers: Striped, Florals or Christmas Patterned Paper
2 Adhesive rhinestones for tag

Flower punch
Hole Punch
Scallop-edge scissors
Glue or double-sided tape


First, print the oval template on cardstock. Cut out and trace onto patterned papers.

Using scissors, cut ovals from striped and white floral papers, and use scallop-edge scissors to cut ovals from blue papers.

Fold the ovals in half.

To make the inside pocket, fold blue ovals and bring together, overlapping ends and making a tip at the bottom, creating a heart shape.

Take the striped and white floral ovals and align layer over the scalloped pocket and adhere.

Punch holes to front and on the back top center of pocket.

Cut a length of blue ribbon approximately 14″. Fold in half, and finish the ends with knots.

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