Paper Christmas Angel Ornament

Create a Christmas Angel Ornament for your Xmas Tree this year using paper! Fun and easy activity for the kids.

What you need

1 Sheet of card stock or a heavier paper
Ribbon and Needle
Hole punch


Step 1

Using your scoreboard or ruler, score your paper at the half inch mark while the paper is in landscape mode.

Step 2

Cut 2 inches off the longest edge of the paper twice to create the wings.

Step 3

Now, you will fold all three pieces of paper in a fan like manner. When you begin, your first fold should be away from you. This way the last fold will be folded away from you as well.


Step 4


Using a hole punch, punch holes on the top of all three sheets, evenly.

Step 5

Take all three pieces of your Christmas Angel Ornament and over-lap them on the ends. This is where folding them in the direction I told you before will really help out, and your holes will match up.


Step 6

With the ribbon your chose, lace it through the holes and even through the double layered ones as well. I didn’t have a measured length of ribbon, I used it on the roll then cut it after I laced it through the holes.

Step 7

Once you have the ribbon laced through all the holes you will pull it very tight. Once you have it tight and you can see the wings form, tie a knot.


Step 8

You can use any size bead you want for the head, but you need to make sure your bead has a hole big enough to get both strands of the ribbon through. Once you have the ribbon through the bead hole, tie another knot to hold the head in place.

Step 9

I made my ribbon above the bead 3 inches long, but again depending on what you will use this Christmas Angel Ornament for the length is up to you. Tie it off at the top, and you’re done!

Click here to see a Christmas Angel Ornament with glitter.

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