Old Fashioned Snowman

This Christmas craft project shows you how to make an old fashioned wadding or quilt batting snowman.

by Shellie Wilson

What you need

Sheet wadding/Quilt Batting and white felt.
Cardboard cone
Green felt
orange felt
Fabric for coat
Laundry/permanent pen


Make a cone out of card 12″ tall, then cut 2″ off the top. This will give you a flat area to fix your head too.

Now cover the cone with sheet wadding and then white felt if available (optional).

Stitch or glue three buttons down the front.

Now make two arms out of sheet wadding and cut a strip 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.

Roll the wadding nice and tight. Then either stitch or glue down the edge.

Cover the arms with the chosen coat fabric and stitch down the length edge. Set aside.

Now make two mitts the same (I used felt for this).

Fill them slightly with wadding and sew them on the bottom of your arms.


Cut the toe section off a pair of tights or stockings and fill with wadding. Make it nice and firm.

Once you have reached the desired size fasten off by wrapping thread around the opening or an elastic band.

Cover it with a piece of flesh colored felt just long enough to wrap around the head, with a little extra at the top.

Run a gather stitch around the top and draw up and secure. This will be hidden with the hat.

Cut out the nose from orange felt. Sew up one side. Slightly fill with wadding and then stitch or glue to the head.

Put a little blush on his cheeks and mark out the eyes with a black laundry marker.

Use the photo for directions on the face.

Now make the coat out of one piece of fabric. For the coat the piece should be long enough to go around his body and approximately 1″ from the bottom.

Cut out couple of pockets and sew them into place (set aside).

Next fix your head to the body – either sew or glue into place.

Now wrap the coat around his body, run a gather stitch along the top and gather it up until it fits snug around the neck.

Sew your arms in place. The top will be covered with the scarf.

Hat and scarf

I made mine out of an old scarf. To make the hat cut a piece of scarf big enough to go around the head.

Gather the top and glue a pom-pom in place. The snowman scarf is just a small narrow strip of the old re-purposed scarf.

Put on his hat and wrap the scarf around his neck and you’re done.