Old Fashioned Lavender Bottle

DIY your own lavender fragrance bottle - the way it was supposed to be!

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

20 Fresh lavender sprigs with 6 inch (15cm) or longer stems
3 Mt's of Ribbon


Start by allowing your flowers to go limp you cannot make these with stiff or dried stems.

Make a bundle with the flowers and tie them together just below the heads.

Strip any foliage from the stems and bend the stems back over the flowers arranging them to appear like they are caging in the flower heads.

Secure the stem ends with a couple of pegs so you can ease the stems a little as you work.

Tie one end of the ribbon to one of the bent stems and attach a small safety pin to the other end of the ribbon and weave the ribbon in and out of the bent flower stems as shown in the picture above.

When you reach the end of the cage, wind the ribbon down the stems of the lavender to form a handle. Once a desired length is reached trim the stems so they are even and tie a big bow with the ribbon.

To release the scent just squeeze the bottle/cage end of the tussle.

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