No Sew Dog Wrap

This dachshund fashion creation requires no sewing...

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

...(unless you want to sew a hem, some fancy trim, or elastic on the garment).

What you need

1 Old pair of sweat pants


Step 1. Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Then measure the sweat pants leg from the elastic ankle cuff to match the previous measurement of the length of your dog – mark this spot with a line in chalk across the pant leg.

Step 2. Cut the sweat pant leg off the sweat pants along the chalk line.

Step 3. Put the sweat pant leg on your dachsie so the elastic cuff is around your dog’s neck.

Step 4. With a chalk, mark the spots where you need to cut leg holes for his/her front legs.

Step 5. Take the sweats off the dog and cut the leg holes. Cut a slit about 3 inches long for each leg hole so the dog has comfort of movement.

Step 6. Put the sweats back on the dog.

Step 7. For boy dogs only: measure, mark, and cut out an upside-down V in the bottom edge to accommodate his little “winkie”.

(optional) You can sew a hem around the bottom edge to prevent fraying, but I have found it really unnecessary as it launders quite well without it.

(optional) You can sew some decorative lace or edge binding around the neck, leg holes, and bottom edges for a more finished look.

Notes: Use the sleeves from old sweatshirts to make wiener wraps for chihuahuas, mini dachshunds and puppies.

You can also cut the wraps a little longer in length so you can cut a slit for the tail to go through if you dog doesn’t mind the fabric around his tail.

Don’t have any old sweat pants? No problem, you can buy some used ones very inexpensively at your local thrift shop (Goodwill). Even K-Mart and Wal-Mart have new ones that are cheap enough to cut up. Of course, wash and dry them before you start your project.

This project was contributed by Dena Delgado, Coordinator, Southern California Dachshund Rescue and Flint River Ranch Super Premium Pet Foods.

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