Napkin Rings – Beaded

This beaded tutorial shows you how to make an elegant beaded napkin ring that can be used for any special occasion.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Thick Wire (about 1.2mm gauge)
Headpins (x2)
Round-nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers
Tube shaped object


Step 1:

Wrap the thick wire around the tube several times to create a spiral. Remove the wire carefully without pulling it out of shape.

Step 2:

By using the round-nose pliers, bend one end of the wire into a small loop.

Step 3:

Insert or thread the beads on to the spiral wire.

Step 4:

Once all beads are threaded, make a similar loop at the end of the wire.

Step 5:

(This is a tricky step and can be skipped. If this step is skipped, then just use the flat nose pliers to pinch the end loops down so they stay somewhat hidden from view.)Time to dangle some beads on the end loops. To do this:a) Slide a bead onto a headpin and with a round-nose pliers firmly grasping the wire just above the bead (this is called the neck), bend the wire down to a sharp angle b) Slide the headpin through one of the loops of the napkin ringsc) Use the round-nose pliers to grasp firmly at wire just above the bead and hold the tail wire with a flat-nose pliers and create create a loop by wrapping it around tip of the round-nose pliers then slowly wrap the wire around the neck of the headpin several times

d) Cut the rest of the tail wire

…and that’s it .

Hope you liked my tutorial.


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