Miniature Candy Stocking

A very simple pattern to create a stocking for Christmas to hold candy!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Small amounts of
Sport weight (5 ply) main color and white wool
3mm(no 11) knitting needles


5 ply main color and white wool

3 mm (no 11) knitting needles

Cast on 30 sts in main color.

K 6 rows.

Row 7, K 14, K2 tog, turn, slip 1, K4, K2 tog and turn.

Continue until 17 sts remain.

K 20 rows in garter st in main color.

Join in white wool and K 6 rows.

Cast off leaving a long thread to make a loop for hanging on the tree!

Sew up seams and fill with lollies, rolls of mints or other miniature gifts.

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