Message In A Bottle

You can make this mostly for parties or just when your kids are feeling bored.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

an old glass bottle
some sand or colored sand
an old time piece of paper
and maybe some shark teeth

cut up balloon
a rubber band
and a hot glue gun


1.First you need to get the old glass bottle and the sand and put enough to were it gets to be an inch or two.

2.Then write a message on the old piece of paper. Put the piece of paper in the bottle and put some shells in the bottom.

3.Now get the cut up balloon and tie the rubber band around the balloon. The balloon has to be on the top of the old bottle when you do this.

4.If you got the shark teeth get them and the hot glue gun take the shark teeth and hot glue them to the bottle anywhere you like.

And you are finished.

Image Source: License

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