Mason Jar Epsom Salt Christmas Terrarium

Use an old mason jar to create a gorgeous Christmas terrarium to add to your holiday decor!

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Large mason jar, Epsom salt, Bottle Brush Trees, Miniature Plastic Deer, Ribbon, Tweezers


1.Gather your supplies. I found my trees and deer in the dollhouse department of the craft store.

2.Pour about 2″ of Epsom salt into the bottom of your mason jar. This is your “snow”.

3.Place your bottle brush trees inside your jar. I liked the look of 2 trees, but it really depends on how large your jar is on how many trees you can fit inside.

4.Now you need to place your miniature plastic deer inside your terrarium. My fingers couldn’t reach all the way to the bottom and instead of just dropping the deer in, I found it helpful to use a pair of tweezers to place the deer down in the Epsom salt “snow”.

5.Tie a ribbon around the top of your jar for extra decoration.

All done!

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