Masculine Leather Bracelet

This recycled craft project shows you how to make a masculine bracelet cuff using a recycled leather belt.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Recycled Leather Belt
Scissors or Sharp Blade
Leather Strapping or chunky shoelaces
Hole punch
Paper clips
2 key rings or large jump rings.


Cut a 3 inch length off a black belt, using the end of the belt that has the holes punched into it as shown.

Using a small finish nail, and a hammer, punch a hole at each end . Open up a paper clip, and form a loop at the end with needle nose pliers. Pass this loop into the punched nail hole on one side of the 3 inch length of belt. Using the pliers tighten the loop closed, and cut the paper clip long enough to form another loop, (about 1 inch long.) Form a loop at the other end of the paper clip, and attach a key ring, close the loop using the pliers.

On each key ring, tie a shoe lace, or leather laces, and cut them so that they are approximately 4 inches long each.
Use the leather lace, or shoe laces to tie the bracelet on.

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