Marbled Paper

You can use this paper to decorate notebooks, cover canisters or for making Gift cards and matching gift wrap.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

5 Pints ( 10 cups) Cold Water
Shallow Baking Pan
Oil Paints
Brown Wrapping paper
or Paper Bags or A4 paper


Place water into shallow pan.

Mix the oil paints with a bit of turpentine to the consistency of thick cream.

Drop a few drops of color into the pan. If the color sinks (it is too thick) then thin it with a little more turpentine.

If the color spreads (it is too thin) add a little more paint.

When the right thickness is achieved drop large spots of color one at a time onto the solution.

With a spoon, stick or other utensil (even combs) swirl the paint into patterns.

Cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the size of the pan. Holding opposite corners of the paper for ease, lower it on to the solution. When you lift the paper it should have your painted design stuck to it.

Lift the paper carefully and place right side up on a stack of newspaper to dry or hang on the clothes line.

Try making our Marbled Candles using the same techniques.

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