Make Simple Button Pendants

Follow a few easy steps and make these simple and elegant button pendants in no time!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

Great idea to recycle leftover buttons!

What you need

Button, Craft wire and Jewelry pliers.


Step-1: Cut a small piece of wire, around 6-8 inches should work. Make a small loop on any one side of the wire. Circle the wire 1-2 times around the loop to create a twirl pattern.

Step-2: Insert the open end of the twirled wire into a hole of the button. Bend the twirled part upwards and fix it below the button hole, on the front. Again insert the open end through the other button hole.

Step-3: With the remaining wire create a big loop and coil the rest of the wire below the big loop. Cut off extra wire if needed. Attach the pendant with a string or chain and enjoy!

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