Make Cute Felt Monsters for Halloween

A fun project for kids this Halloween. Make these cute and cuddly felt monsters that they will love!

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Felt, needle and thread, pencil, scissors, fabric glue.


Step-1: You can use a template and trace around the edges on a piece of felt, but I did free hand drawing. You can the whole body of the monster at once since it’s really simple. Draw and cut out the 2 similar sized and shaped piece out of the felt fabric, of any color if your choice.

Step-2: Place the same pieces together, one on the top of the other one. Prepare your needle and thread and start to stitch around the sides to attach both pieces together.

Step-3: While stitching the sides don’t forget to keep a small open end. You can use wool or scrap felt to fill the felt monster through this open end. Stuff the monster nicely and evenly.

Step-4: After you’re done filling the felt monster push the stuffs in and stitch the open end to close it and secure the filling. Trim extra thread.

Step-5: Cut out the eyes, teeth, lips and a small heart out of felts. I used white and black felt for the eyes, lips and teeth. For the small heart I used pink felt for this monster and for another one I used red felt. Glue them on the monsters face to complete it. Use fabric glue to attach the parts on the face. Allow the glue to dry and enjoy!

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