Make A Fall Inspired Letter Decor

Want to decorate your house with something simple and crafty?

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

Try out this decorative fall themed letter. It's super simple to make and turns out great!

What you need

To make this decorative letter you will need:

1) Cardboard,
2) Twine,
3) Scissors,
4) Craft glue,
5) Felt,
6) Beads.


Step-1: On a piece of cardboard draw a letter. It should be bold and straight. I drew a capital ‘E’. Cut out the letter from the cardboard.

Step-2: Flip the cutout letter to the other side. Take a long piece of twine and glue 1 inch of it at the back side of the letter, on the bottom prong. Start to glue and wrap the first prong of the letter ‘E’. Make sure to wrap the twine neatly and evenly.

Step-3: Completely wrap the first prong and then go for the base. Wrap the base in lengthwise and go towards the prong on the other end. Don’t forget to glue while wrapping. At last wrap the middle prong.

Step-4: Take a piece of ribbon. Wrap it around the base of the ‘E’, between the top 2 prongs. Tie the ribbon around the base and make a bow knot.

Step-5: Make some flowers from colorful felts and also cut some leaves from green felt. Glue a bead on the center of the flowers. Simply arrange and glue the flowers and leaves on the letter as you want. I glued them on the bottom side. Attach a hanging mechanism if you prefer to hang it on the wall or you can simply place it on a shelf. Enjoy!

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