Make A CD Angel

Use old CD's and Styrofoam to create this angel.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Recycled CD
3 inch Styrofoam Ball
Wiggle eyes
Marker pen
Felt for mouth


Make the Styrofoam ball into an angel’s face by using felt and wiggle eyes. You can also draw on the face using the marker pen. Add some wool yarn for hair or add curly dolls hair like we did above. Use your artistic talents and see what you come up with.

Using white non toxic craft glue and glue the CD on the top of the head to make the angel’s halo.


This craft looks great when you hang it near a window the sun catches the techno colors of the CD’s and looks great or rather looks heavenly.

If you are having trouble finding bulk CD’s ask your local computer store if they can save old CD’s for you.

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