Make A 4th of July Star String Art

Try making a star string art this 4th of July.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

Simply follow the steps in this tutorial to make one. This patriotic star is perfect for your 4th of July celebrations!

What you need

Wooden board, Nails, Hammer, 5-point star template. Red, blue and white string, Scissors, Glue.


Step-1: Print a 5-point star template according to the size of the wooden board. Place the star template on the board correctly. Start hammering the nails along the outline of the star. Try to keep equal distance between the nails.

Step-2: Rip off the template paper after you’re done hammering the nails along the outline of the star.

Step-3: Take a string, wrap it around any 1 nail and tie 2 knots tightly. Wrap the string around the nails randomly, but try to keep a sound pattern. After reaching the end you can simply wrap the string around a nail and tie a knot.

Step-4: Similarly wrap the 2 other colors. Try to fill and create a nice pattern for the art. You can attach a hanging mechanism to it. Enjoy!

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