LolliPop Soap

Here's something fun for the little ones to take a bath in. Make sure they are not to be eaten.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Lollipop sticks.
clear glycerin soap base or white soap base
Lollipop candy
Food coloring
Fragrance oil.


To make these yummy looking lollipop soaps do the following:

1) Get clear Glycerin.

2) Cut off 2-3 soap blocks.

3) Put in an old container for soap use.

4) Put in Microwave.

5) Leave in for about 10-15 sec.

6) Once melted, stir in fragrance, oil and food coloring and scent of your choice for kids.

7) Have mold ready to pour in. Not too hot or mold will warp.

8) Let soap sit in freezer 5-10 min.

9) Pop out of mold and insert lollipop stick.

Be careful as this is a thin soap. All done!

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