Lip Balm – Soft Honey

This basic recipe makes a very soft sweet honey lip balm which will nourish your lips and leave them shiny.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

1 tbs Vaseline or petroleum jelly
1/3 tsp honey
Small container


First you put the Vaseline and honey in a small microwavable container and microwave until melted. You can also use a double boiler method to melt down the vaseline.

Mix well and pour into pots allow to cool before use.

Ensure all containers are sterile by boiling them to prevent contamination of your lip loss.

If you wish to dye this balm you can use a cosmetic coloring available from home made body product supply stores. You can also use a small amount of store bought lipstick to tint the balm.

Alternatively you can also use colored beeswax or candle dye as it is being used in such a small quantity it will not stain or harm your skin.

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