Lighted Glass Blocks

Create a themed lighted glass blocks to add extra sparkle to your next party or celebration.

What you need

You will need a glass block, the kind used to make a privacy wall in the bathroom.
Next you'll need ribbon and a bow, a strand of mini lights (I recommend 35 on a strand), hot glue, flowers, and a variety of items you can add to the block depending on the theme you are creating.


Drill a hole where ever you need it , depending on if you want the block to stand up or lay flat.

Wrap the edges with ribbon and add a bow. Seal both with hot glue.

In addition, I’ve used toys, flowers, dolls, bells, etc.

These blocks will last forever and are somewhat heavy.

I’ve made them for wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, birthdays, anniversary gifts, and I’ve made many of them for funerals since they, unlike flowers, won’t die.

I put a photo of the deceased person on the block and the families love them.

This is not a difficult craft to make, just takes imagination and patience.

I have included photos of ones I’ve taken orders for. I do not make them in advance so the customer can choose the theme and the colors.




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