Light Bulb Window Vase

These window light bulb vases have been made by using wire and hollowed out recycled light bulbs.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Light Bulbs
Suction cup


You simply twist the wire around the rim of the bulbs into whatever design you want. You can use 1 bulb, 2 bulbs or however many bulbs you want. Keep in mind your suction cup must hold the weight.

You could also make these to hang onto a wall hook if you wanted.

To hollow out the light bulbs: (sorry no pictures, I tried but they only made it more confusing so I will use the power of WORDS!)

1.Find a light bulb, burnt out or not doesn’t matter really.

2.Use a set of pliers to take of the little silver part at the end. Once you get the ends bent up a bit just give it a little wiggle with the pliers and it should come out.

3.Hold the black (which turns out to actually be purple) part over a candle or some sort of flame. Promptly run cold water over the glass part, if it makes a cracking noise don’t freak out, its the black part not the glass (usually).

4.Find something, I use a steak knife, to break the black part. It’s usually just a matter of gouging at it to get it to break and come out. Pliers will also come in handy. remember: grip the light bulb by the metal part NOT THE BULB.

5.Now there’s the glass part that’s up inside the bulb, use the tip of your knife or whatever you find most useful to break this. Usually a few good solid, but not too hard taps will do it. after its broken use the pliers to take it out. remember you might have to break it into a few pieces to get it to come out.

6.Now you have a hollow light bulb. this is the best time to clean up the hole part and get any stray pieces of glass.

7.Rinse out the white powdery stuff with some water for those bulbs with the white frosted stuff in them. To get any of that persistent white stuff out fill a little bit of the bulb up with salt, sugar, I’ve used rice before and shake it around. fill with water and shake it around, then just rinse them out.

8.Let it dry

9.Make something wicked cool

This project was contributed by Nafety

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