Leftover Pallet to Wine Bottle Stand

A wooden pallet, and some easy DIY can turn it into a fancy bottle stand with the help of this tutorial.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

No woodworking experience required, just lots of enthusiasm!

What you need

1.Wooden pallets
2.Nails and hammer
3.Wood varnish (optional)
4.Sand paper
6.Ruler and marker


For this project you can use leftover wooden pallets or take out 6 pallets from a wooden crate. You will need 4 wooden pallets of the same size to make the main frame and 2 pieces of the same size for the centre of the stand. My frame pieces were 12 inches and the center pieces were 16 inches.

For the centre part. You’ll have to cut slits on the centre of both centre pieces. Both slits should be half way through, so that we can attach the pieces through the slits. This will create a cross pattern.

You can either use wood glue or nails to attach the 4 pallets to make the frame, or do both for a sturdy frame.

Once you’ve made the frame place the crossed pieces inside the frame, but before that you’ll need to adjust the edges of the crossed pieces so that they fit perfectly with the frame’s corners. I didn’t need to use any nails or glue to attach the centre piece because it was quite tight and fixed inside the frame.

Varnish if you wish to. You can use wider pallets fro keeping larger bottles. You can also use it to keep papers and small books.

Happy crafting!

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