Lean Cuisine Box Bag

This project uses recycled Lean Cuisine boxes to make a fun sandwich carrier.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

Hide your unhealthy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in this cool to be slim carrier.

What you need

Lean cuisine box
Glitter glue
Star brads
Cord for handles
hole punch
Velcro dot


You could even use this nifty carrier for a fun gift bag filled with chocolates and other naughty food.

Take your lean cuisine box and cut off the flaps at one end so you have an open bag. Fold the sides in as to form a gusset.

Take a hole punch and create the holes for the handles. Thread the cord through to create the handles and tie a knot on the inside to stop it going through the hole.

I finished off the holes by pushing through a star brad. Embellish the box with glitter or beads.

The picture does not quite catch it but the writing has been embellished with glitter and so have the carbohydrate filled potatoes on the picture.

I finished off the bag with a ribbon and wax seal and some Velcro to keep my sandwich tucked away inside. Loads of fun and a great conversation starter!

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