Knitted Salad Sandwich

Here is a simple pattern to create a knitted salad sandwich.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Fawn or Cream Wool
Red Wool
4mm needles



Cast on 25 stitches
Garter Stitch until your work makes a square the size of bread. Cast Off


knit 3 circles of red to place into the fold


Knit 2 circles of green for cucumber and place into fold.

Circle Instructions for Tomato and Cucumber

Cast on 15 stitches
Garter Stitch 4 rows
Thread the yarn through the needle and fasten off


Cast On 25 stitches.
garter stitch 2 rows
3rd row K twice into 1st two stitches, K to end.
4th row K twice into 1st two stitches, K to end.
5th row K all stitches
6th row Cast off 4 stitches, k2 together 4 times, K to end.
7th row K all stitches
8th row knit twice into 1st two stitches,K to end.
9th row cast off 8 stitches, K to end.
10th row Cast off 4 stitches,K2 together 4 times,Knit 2.
11th row Knit 2 together to end
12th row knit 2 together, K1 , thread yarn through stitches and fast off.

Place on bread and fold top over to make a triangle.

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