Knitted Decoration: Plum Pudding

This is simple plum pudding pattern for Christmas that is a great hit with decorations.

by Shellie Wilson

What you need

4mm needles
White & brown 8ply wool
Red wool for Cherry


Cast on 40 sts

StSt 10 rows

Row 11

With white k2,k6 brown,k2 white ,k6 brown, k2 white continue in this sequence ending with k6 brown.

Row 12
P3 white, P4 brown, P4 White, P4 Brown, P4 white,P4 Brown

Continue in this sequence ending with P3 white.

Row 13
k4 white, k2 brown,k6 white,k2brown,k6 white,k2 brown,continue in this sequence ending with k4 white

Row 14
P all stitches in white

StSt 6 rows in white

Row 21 (still in white)
k2 tog, k6,k2 tog,k6 cont this sequence till end

Row 22 Purl row

Row 23
k2 tog,k5,k2 tog, k5 cont this sequence till end

Row 24 Purl row

Row 25
k2 tog,k4,k2 tog,k4 cont this sequence till end.

Row 26 Purl row

Row 27
k2 tog, k3,k2 tog, k3 cont this sequence till end.

Row 28 Purl row

Row 29
k2 tog, k2,k2 tog,k2,k2 tog cont this sequence till end.

Make up

Fasten off by threading the yarn through the remaining stitches. Sew the side and stuff draw up the bottom and secure.

Cherry –
Cast on 3 sts in red

Row 1
inc k wise into every stitch (6 sts)

Row 2
Purl row

Row 3
Knit row

Row 4
Purl 2 tog to end (3 sts)

Make up

Thread yarn through stitches draw up and fasten off.

Sew up row edges.

Sew to bun

Holly – Use Green Felt for a more detailed leaf.

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Hi, this pattern looks great! I was wondering if I would be able to use this pattern to create and sell some of these on etsy - I couldn't see anything noted about copyright or reproducing. Thank you for your help, kind regards, Lydia