Kids Craft Toilet Tube Racecars

This kids craft shows you how to recycle toilet tubes into little troy racecars


  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tube
  • Tempra paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper Plate
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors


If using a paper towel tube, cut it in half.

Draw an oval shape in the middle of the tube. Carefully cut it out! Kids might need help with this step! This will be the driver’s seat area.

Trace one end of the cardboard tube on a paper plate and cut it out. Once cut, decorate it with markers (or paint) to be the grill of the car.

On a paper plate (or if you have a thick cardstock that would work!) cut out 4 circles for the tires, a small circle for the steering wheel and a seat shape. I told our kids to cut out a large, skinny hill shape and they cut out perfect race car seats! :)

Paint time! You can use anything you want to decorate your cars. We used paint. Paint your car, tires, steering wheel and seat. (Be sure to paint both sides!) Decorate the side of the car with craft supplies or draw on numbers and designs. Allow to dry.

To assemble: Glue the grill to the front of the toilet paper tube. It should fit nicely!

Glue on the 4 tires to the bottom of your car. You will want your car to kind of stand a bit.

A small dab of glue on the steering wheel to place on the front edge of the oval shape you cut out. And slide the seat into the driver’s area.

Ta da!

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