Kids Craft - Tissue Paper Turtle

This kids craft tutorial shows you how to make a Tissue paper turtle

List of Supplies:

  1. Colored Craft Tissue Papers
  1. Colored Craft Paper
  1. Craft Glue
  1. Scissors
  1. Pencil
  1. Black Sharpie
  1. Template


Step (1)

Print and cut out the patterns from the template. Select a colored craft paper (I chose green for this project) and trace the patterns from the template on the selected paper (or papers). Cut out the traced patterns using scissors.

Step (2)

Select 3 or more colored craft tissue papers and cut the tissue papers into small square pieces (1 cm X 1 cm).

Step (3)

Take the round cut out pattern and start to attach the square tissue paper pieces on it.

Step (4)

Cover the entire round pattern using the square tissue paper cut outs. Don’t worry if the tissue pieces cross the round border.

Step (5)

Once you’re done gluing the tissue pieces take the round pattern and flip it to the other side.

Step (6)

Use scissors to trim the tissue pieces out of the round pattern and levelling them with the round pattern.

Step (7)

Now glue the patch art round piece on a regular white stationary paper or any colored paper you want.

Step (8)

Glue the other 5 parts of the turtle on their places, with the round patch art round pattern.

Step (9)

Use a black sharpie to draw the face of the turtle.