Kids Craft Arty Cardboard Heart

Kids Recycled Art using cardstock and paints

List of Supplies:

  1. Cardboard – leftover

  2. Scissors

  3. Poster colors and paint brush

  4. Glitter

  5. Confetti

  6. Craft glue

  7. Paper puncher

  8. Leftover yarns


Step (1)

Cut a heart shape from a leftover cardboard piece. Simply draw a heart using a pencil and cut along the traced lines.

Step (2)

Place the heart cardboard on a piece of paper to protect your craft space from paint and other supplies you’ll be using to this protect. Paint the heart randomly using any colors you want. Allow the paint to dry once it is done.

Step (3)

Use a paper puncher to punch a hole at the bottom end of the heart pattern.

Step (4)

Take leftover yarn strands and wrap them around 2 or 3 fingers. Wrap the strands until they end, add more strands if you want a thick tassel.

Step (5)

Take out the wrapped yarn strands from your fingers carefully and tie them with another piece of yarn at any one end. Use scissors to cut the other end of the wrapped yarn strands to create the tassel.

Step (6)

Attach the tassel with the cardboard heart using a small piece of yarn strand through the hole punched at the bottom end of the heart.

Step (7)

Apply glitter on the cardboard heart. Create any kind of pattern you want, get creative!

Step (8)

If you want to decorate the heart more, you can add confetti to it.

Step (9)

Nice you are done decorating the heart, allow the glue, paint or glitter to dry entirely.