Ice Candle

Follow basic candle making instructions so that you have melted wax, cooled and ready to pour.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Square candle mold or
Bottom of a milk carton
Candle wick
Candle wax
Optional Candle dyes
Ice cubes


This project uses the Basic Candle Instructions.

We used a milk carton for the mold.

Place your ice cubes into your milk carton mold. Do not place them neatly as the candle will need to form in the cracks of the ice cubes. The less organized the better. Try to keep the center of the candle (around the wick) free from ice, so that the wax can form around the wick insuring a consistent burning candle.

Slowly pour your melted wax over the ice cubes and around the wick area. Continue to do this till the milk carton is full.

Allow all the ice to melt and the wax to set before slipping it out of your milk carton.

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