Huggies Activity Play Box

This project shows you how to make a child's activity play box using a recycled Huggies box and items around the home.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Recycled Huggies Nappy Box
Craft Glue or Hot Melt
texture items such as scrubbies, sponges, ribbons and lace.


Tactile play is important for children to learn different sensations against their skin.

You can use any bright colored box to make this activity play box.

Start by collecting some tactile items such as ribbon, lace, tulle and sponges. We used scrubbers with different textures and colors for contrast and assorted textures.

Place 6-9 holes into one side of the box, this is where you will secure the ribbons and pieces of fabric.

To secure these fabrics, push the fabric through the hole and secure with a knot. For added strength place some craft glue or hot glue behind the knot.

For smaller pieces of fabric or ribbons secure it around a craft stick to prevent it from being tugged through the hole.

One another side of the box hot glue the sponges onto the box textured side out. You can add other items to the box such as squares of carpet, plastic mesh and more.

This toy is for small infants 9-14 months old. Older children may play to rough for the cardboard box and playtime should ALWAYS be supervised.

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