How To Make Ribbon Bags

Create fragrant ribbon bags - perfect for Christmas decorations!

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Wire ribbon
Craft glue
Bows or other decorations


Using some wired ribbon you can make these lovely fragrant or gift bags. They are great the Christmas tree for potpourri or for hanging small gifts.

Start by taking a length of wired ribbon, depending on how big or small you want your bag to be. We used around 20 cm of length then folded it in half to create the bag

Use craft glue and glue the edges of the ribbon closed to form the bag or pouch.

Allow it to dry.

Fill the bag with potpourri or lavender.

Close the bag up and secure with glue then decorate with gold bows or trinkets.

To make it hang from your Christmas tree add a small length of gold or silver cord to the back to hang it with.

Above we have shown two examples of how you could vary this project. Finish the bag off with a fold over flap or gather the bag closed and tie with ribbon.

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