How To Make Microwave Soap

Yes, you can make soaps in a microwave using this simple step-by-step recipe.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Soap molds (or use milk cartons, small cans or cups)
Spray vegetable oil
Glycerin Soap (unscented, clear )
A Chopping Block or old dish to chop on
Sharp knife
Measuring cup (Microwaveable glass)
Microwave oven
Soap coloring


1) Lightly spray mold with unflavored vegetable oil. Spray approximately 6″ away from the mold.

2) Use a sharp knife, cut the glycerin into small cubes approximately 1″ square.

3) Place cubes in the measuring cup and heat in a microwave oven on high heat until glycerin is melted. This usually takes about one minute (but we all know microwaves vary)

4) Using a potholder to hold the mold, pour the melted glycerin into the mold, milk carton, cup etc.

5) Swirl one drop of soap coloring in center of mold with toothpick for marbleized effect.

6) Let the soap cool 30 minutes. Turn the soap mold onto wax paper to release the soap. For milk carton mold, cut side with scissors to release soap. For tin can molds, cut bottom with opener and push soap out.

If you want to add your favorite scent to this you are welcome to do so when adding color but be careful with mixtures. You may want to add potpourri or be creative.

Wrap up the soap to give as a gift or use for the entire family.

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