How To Make Fragrant Paper

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Learn to make fragrant paper that is ideal for giving as gifts.

What you need

Your selected paper
Fragrant or essential oil
and an airtight container


Apply a few drops of oil to one corner of your paper. This will create a soft fragrance through your paper but may leave oil marks.

For a softer scent but no stains place all your paper into an airtight container. Add 5-6 drops of oil onto some tissue and place inside the container on top of the paper sheets. Leave for 24 hours.
The scent will absorb into the paper.

Apply small stamp prints to the top of your paper to decorate it further. If you are giving it as a gift fill a small box with rose petals or lavender sprigs and present the paper in the box.

These papers smell great and makes great gifts for people of all ages and is ideal for a group activity.

Little girls like strawberry and vanilla scents and ladies like rose and lavenders.

Don’t forget to send some scented love letters to your loved one.

Image Source: License "Attribution" Some rights reserved by jeici1