How to make a Seed Bead Rosette

Learn to make a seed bead rosette - which is very popular bead artwork in these simple step by step directions.

What you need:


By CraftBits (Shellie Wilson).


Step one: Choose three colors of seedbeads and with first color add 6 seedbeads join in a loop and tie together

Step two & step three:

In first bead add three seedbeads of alternate color, in second add two seedbeads of same color as the first three you just added,continue around till you have round with 15 seedbeads adding three then two.

Step four:

Go through all the seedbeads ( all 15) once so that all that round is now pulled together nicely so it fits snug but nice with step one

Step five & six:

Using third color now do two beads in first seedbead of previous step/round then for the next three beads of previous step/round only add one so that this round you are adding a total of 19 seedbeads added in this step/round

To increase size of rosette:

Continue repeating steps 5 & 6 for each round but what i have found is every once in awhile you can tell when your adding the rounds and extra bead could be added to fill in a nice round shape so this pattern takes a little to make it work but you should get the general idea after every round go through all the beads you have added and pull snug not tight to previous round.

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