How To Make A Paper Snowflake

Ever wanted to make a snowflake out of paper?

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Yes? Here is your chance - using nothing but paper and scissors! Perfect for a Christmas decoration.

What you need

6 pieces of paper


  1. Get the first piece of paper, fold it so it makes a complete triangle (and when you unfold it, it will form a perfect square).
  1. Cut off the piece at the bottom of the triangle (square when you unfold).
  1. Make sure that the long crease is at the bottom and the one point is at the top.
  1. Fold from the left corner to the right corner.
  1. NOT the side you can unfold, but the other side the side that is creased. You need to get your scissors out and cut 5 slits in the CREASED side.
  1. After cutting the slits, unfold the whole project.
  1. The smallest 2 slits closest to the middle, pull them together, and tape little corners.
  1. Flip paper over the NEXT corners closest to the middle…. pull together, tape corners
  1. Flip over to same side as 7 just for the NEXT in line
  1. Flip over to same side as 8 same as 9 & 8
  1. Flip over to same side as 9 & 7. Same as 8 & 9 & 10
  1. When you are finished with all of the slits, you figure should look like an icicle.
  1. Repeat steps 1-12, for 5 more times
  1. When finished with a total of 6 icicle look-alike figures, staple. (you are to gather all ENDS of one side of the icicle look-alike figures and staple)
  1. Staple the LAST corners that u taped on each side of the figure. This should make you figure turn into a snowflake

Hope you like it. I learned this at school. I have them all over my house. They look Amazing. Happy Holidays!

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