How To Make A Paper Bird

Ever wanted to learn to make a bird out of simple paper? Now you can and get the kids involved too!

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

2 index cards (or poster board and one index card, if you would like a sturdier bird body)
Blue craft paint, (or make the bird all white)
pencil or marker
Paint brush
Needle and thread for hanging
White glue or clear tape


1.Trace out the bird shape, or just wing it (pardon the pun), and draw a bird shape of your own style.

2.Cut an index card in half.

3.Fold both pieces, accordion style.

4.Fold one of the accordion folded pieces in half for the tail.

5.Cut slits as indicated in the bird.

6.Paint the bird blue, and with the handle of the brush, dot on some polka dots on the wings and tail.

7.Slide the wings and the tail into the slits, and either tape in place, or add a dot of glue to hold the pieces on.

8.Pierce the needle through the bird, between the wings and the tail.

Voila! Why not make a bunch of them, and turn them into a cute little mobile to brighten up your day!

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