How To Make A Panty Rose

Panty roses are fun romantic gifts that your loved one will giggle over. These are very simple to make and look fantastic.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Green Florist tape
Elastic bands
Heavy gauge wire
Green crepe paper for leaves


Start by using small items, such as panties, soft bra’s, undies etc.

Roll each item up and secure with a rubber band as shown below, then just curl the edges back onto itself to look like a rose head.

Do this with a single item, making loose rolls for soft roses and tight rolls for little buds.

Once you have your bud and it is secured with a rubber band take a length of heavy gauge wire and secure it into the bottom of the bud by pushing it up into the bottom quarter of the bud.

Take the green florist tape and wrap it around the bottom quarter of the bud. Florist tape sticks to itself by pulling it as you wind it around the bud. Continue winding it all the way down around the wire. You can add optional leaves by wrapping into the tape some crepe paper leaves or plastic leaves from a inexpensive store bought flower.

Wrap the bud with some cellophane or clear wrap for a more authentic panty rose finish.

Florist tape can be bought from craft supply stores.

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