How to Make a Clutch From Old Scarves

Recycle a couple of your old scarves into a fun new clutch purse! We show you the step by step instructions here.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

2 Patterned Scarves, Stabilizer, Sewing Machine


1.​Cut your scarves and stabilizer into 10″x12.5″ rectangles. You should have 1 rectangle from each scarf and 1 rectangle of stabilizer.

2.Stack your scarves and stabilizer, fold them in half and trim a 1″ triangle off of 1 end. This will be he front/top of your clutch.

3.Stack your 2 scarves right sides together and your stabilizer on top. Stitch around the 2 sides and the top, leaving the bottom open.

4.Flip right side out so that your stabilizer is on the inside.

5.Iron the bottom edges in a 1/4″ and run a stitch along the bottom edge to close up the opening.

6.Fold the bottom edge of your clutch 1/3 of the way up and pin it.

7.Stitch the 2 edges so that it is stitched down on the sides.

8.Cut a 2.5″x14″ strip from your leftover scarf pieces. Fold it in half and stitch down the long side.

9.Flip right side out and stitch the 2 open ends closed.

10.Pin one end of your scarf strap onto the top of your clutch, as pictured below.

11.Stitch the end down, then flip it over and stitch it down going the other direction as pictured below.

To close your clutch, wrap the strap around and tie it.

All done!

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