Heavenly Doorknobs

Convert your ordinary doorknobs into heavenly with this simple idea.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Door handles
angel print wrapping paper
or decoupage paper

Acrylic paints
Clear varnish


Start by base coating your door knob handles with a blue base paint.

If you are using old door knob handles that are already painted then you will need to apply several coats of paint. If your knob was previously varnished (has a shiny coating) then using some sandpaper give it a light rub until it becomes dull. This will allow the new layer of paint to adhere to the existing layers.

Using your brush paint some fluffy clouds onto the blue sky background. Use your finger to smudge the cloud edges for a more cloudy effect.

Glue on the angel using white wood glue. If you find your image is too large then place small snip lines to help it curve around the knob. Press the image down onto the knob and overlap these small snip areas to avoid heavy crease lines.

Once your image is firmly stuck down, spray your door knob with several coats of clear varnish until it is well covered. Allow it to dry between each coat

Choose paper that is thin to make your application smoother.

Spray varnish is a great addition to any craft box and can be bought from Art and Craft supply stores as well as hardware stores.

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