Hand Towel Wedding Cake Centrepiece

Make a centerpiece that will be the talk of the wedding using hand towels!

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

12 Hand towels
20 Safety pins
1 Bath towel


Fold all the hand towels into thirds lengthwise. Roll up the bath towel – this will become the center of the cake.

Measure to make sure it’s tall enough ( 3 hand towels high/ 3 tiers high) .

Roll the hand towels around the bath towel to make the cake, pinning to secure the hand towels in place as needed.

Use 7 hand towels for the base, 4 hand towels for the middle layer, and 1 hand towel for the top.

Use the wide ribbon to decorate the cake.

Embellish the cake with small wedding keepsakes silk roses, garters or make small roses out of face washers.

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