Green Eye Bracelet

Need to give someone the green eye? then this bracelet is for you.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Elastic Thread
Jump rings
150 x 2 mm spacers
2 x 5mm green glass beads


Cut two beading strings to size of bracelt and add around 15cms for the knots. Run both strings through the jump ring, fold back and tie a knot and secure the jump ring on the beaded strings. Use your first beads to cover up the loose thread by tucking it into the beads back on its self. Divide the beads for each strand and put half aside (75) Thread the beads onto one strand and then continue the same pattern for the other strand. We placed our Green Eye right in the middle (37)Green Bead (37). Once you have threaded all the beads on both seperate strands take both strands together and secure onto a jump ring and then onto your clasp. Thread any loose ends into the beads and trim off.

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