Googly Eyed Necklace

If you are crazy enough to wear this one then you will surely make a statement where ever you go.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

A great conversation piece of fun Halloween necklace

What you need

20 gauge wire (I used silver) or headpins
E 6000 glue
24 1" googly eyes
2 small silver jump rings
6" silver chain (optional)
lobster clasp
round nose pliers
wire cutters
heavy flat object (like books)


1.Start by cutting 12 3″ lengths of 20 gauge wire.

2.Use toothpick to spread E 6000 glue over back of googly eye. (figure 1)

3.Stick wire flat directly into glue (figure 2). Lay another googly eye over top and press, sandwiching the two together. Lay a heavy flat object like a phone book over top to add pressure while drying. Let dry.

4.Once dry, use round nose pliers to make small loops, linking each eye together until all are completely linked (figure 3).

5.Add jump rings to the last loops and add lobster clasp for closure. Add chain if you need the necklace longer to fit your neck. This project was submitted by SwellDesigner.

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