Flower Hairclips

Flower Hairclips.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Bag of undecorated spring-type hair clips. Available in the jewelery making department of the craft store.
Spool of thin wire
Wire clippers or scissors
2 - 3 sprigs of your favorite small artificial flowers
Hot glue gun.


This craft project shows you how to make your own floral hair clips, you can use inexpensive dollar store flowers all the way up to silk flowers suitable for weddings and special events.

Hot glue a green leaf along the length of the clip.

ext, snip the flowers into two small bunches with the stems long enough to wire along the length of the clip. (One bunch on one end of the clip and the the other bunch on the other end).

Wire the flowers over the top of the clip and under the spring load portion of the clip.

(The spring load portion is curved and it is easy to get the wire under it. Finally, hot glue small flowers and leaves into empty spaces for filler.

This project was submitted by Nancy Anderson

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