Finger Painting - Dandelion

This kids craft tutorial is a fun finger painting project for all ages.

List of Supplies:

  1. White art paper

  2. Acrylic paint

  3. Template


Step (1)

On a plain white art paper print out the dandelion pattern from the template.

Step (2)

Choose the colors for the flower. I prefer more than 3 colors for a bright and fun art! I selected red, green, blue, yellow and orange acrylic paint for this project.

Step (3)

Make sure to place an extra sheet of paper under the canvas paper to protect your workspace. Prepare the paint on a pallet or simply take a small amount of paint on your finger tip; do not smudge the paint all over the finger, try to keep it nice and clean.

Step (4)

Now simply use the paint on your finger tip as ink and your finger as the stamp! Stamp on the black teardrop patterns, one stamp on each. Do not stamp the same color in one area, keep it random.

Step (5)

Once you’re done stamping with one color go for the next. You may keep a damp tissue paper to clean the finger and then go for the next color. Stamp on all the teardrop patterns and also stamp randomly between and outside the patterns.

Step (6)

Once you’re done stamping and creating the dandelion flower use black paint to fill the center of the flower.

Try creating more dandelion finger print art using your own pattern and different colors. Have fun!