Fall Pinecone Door Hanger

Perfect for fall - create this beautiful hanger using a paper mache heart and scrapbook papers.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Alterable Paper Mache Puffy Heart
Autumn Scrapbook Patterned Papers
Wooden Letters
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Gold Ribbon
E6000 Adhesive
Glitter Spray


1.Cut your Autumn patterned papers into .5” – 1” strips. You could also tear them up into smaller pieces instead of strips. It just depends on which style you like.

2.Apply mod podge to the back of your patterned paper and place on your heart. Continue mod podging paper strips until you have the heart completely covered with patterned paper.

3.Using the wooden letters adhere on the word “FALL” onto your heart. I kept the letters plain, but you could paint them or alter them if you wanted.

4.Cut a 20” piece of gold ribbon and tie each end to a pinecone.

5.Using a very strong adhesive (like E6000) adhere the middle of the gold ribbon onto the back of the heart. Let this dry completely before you try to hang it.

6.Spray your door hanger and pinecones with a coat of glitter spray for extra shine!

All done!

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