Elegant Easy Earrings

With the right components and a few beads you can easily make these elegant earrings.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

2 Large Beads
2 Medium Beads
2 Small Beads
2 Earring Wires
2 Eye Pins or Head Pins

Tools: Round Nose Pliers Wire Cutters


Look for the Earring Wires and Pins, as well as the tools required for this project, at your favorite craft store, or buy them on line. For this project I used gold plated components with two hand made lampworked beads and glass Czech beads in complimentary colors.

1.Start each earring by sliding the beads onto the eye pin in the order desired. I placed them in this order: Medium Bead, Large Bead, Small Bead.

Once the beads are on the wire use the round nose pliers to form a loop close to the top of the small bead. Leave the loop open, so that you can attach the pin to the earring wire.

2.Attach the pin to the earring wire by slipping the open loop that you have formed over the loop at the end of the earring wire.

Use the wire cutters to cut the extra wire off to finish your earring.

To attach the pin to the wire more securely you can optionally wrap the extra wire around the pin. This is best done with two sets of flat nose pliers. Hold the loop on the pin in one set of pliers and use the other set to wrap the extra wire around the pin.

3.Repeat these steps for the second earring to finish this project.

This Jewelry Making Project was contributed by Patrice.

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