Egg Carton Bat

Make these bats out of egg cartons for a great way to add decorations for Halloween night.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

The kids will love to help you out for this one.

What you need

Egg Carton
Wobble eyes
Elastic Cord


For this project you need 3 sections of a egg carton.

Start by cutting out the wings by cutting away a scallop edge.

Using a skewer or pair of scissors put a small hole into the head of the spider, thread your elastic through and tie a knot.

This will enable your spider to bounce around!!

Glue on the eyes and you are done.

For kids it would be easier to cut the cartons up and have them decorate the bats. But it depends on your age group.

You can also paint these bats black, make a garland out of them or just dangle them from the ceiling with some thumb tacks.

Use glow in the dark pens for the eyes for a night time spooky look

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