Ebay Necklace Hack – Chunky Necklace

This tutorial uses Sugru - an air drying rubber material - to hack a $1 ebay necklace.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Chunky Ebay Necklace
Sugru Pink and blue
1 glass flat bead


This necklace is made using Sugru. Sugru is a great new air curing clay like matter that allows for so much creativity.

We ordered a plastic chunky chain necklace off ebay but you could pick one up from a discount store.

Start by splitting you pink and blue into 1/2 packets.

Then split them into balls. Mix two balls together pink/blue to create the marbled effect. Press 2 balls onto the necklace and 2 plain balls. Use the remaining Sugru to create a centre piece. Push the marble glass into the Sugru to secure it. Allow to dry overnight.

All done! How did yours turn out?

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