Easy Bead Earrings

With just a few hand tools, findings, and beads, you can easily make these beaded earrings.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

2 Headpins
2 Ear Hooks
Your choice of beads
Wire Cutters
Flat nose Pliers
Round nose Pliers


Not only are they quick to make, but by changing the types of beads you use, you can create a variety of different designs.
You’ll need the following materials and equipment:

1.Start by inserting the beads onto the headpins in the design you prefer.

2.Next, use the flat nose pliers to bend the headpin over approximately 1/4 of an inch away from the top of the beads. Do this for both earrings in order to make sure they are the same size.

3.If your head pins are long, you may need to use wire cutters to cut off some of the excess. I like have the bent part of the pin to be no more than half an inch in length. If necessary, cut off the amount you need to from your head pins. Make sure both are the same length.

4.Now, use round nosed pliers to curl the bent part of the head pin on both earrings.

5.Next, slip on the ear hooks, and close the curled part around the ear hook.

6.To ensure they look approximately the same, hold them up next to each other and, if necessary, use pliers adjust them.

This Jewelry Making Project was contributed by Tammy Powley

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