Duct Tape Purse

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by craftbits (shellie wilson)

Who knew duct tape could be so versatile! We thought about what we could do with it next, and Jes Beach kindly agreed to give us instructions for a duct tape purse!

What you need

Duct Tape


All the pieces are made by sticking duct tape to each other…sticky side to sticky side. so, you just make it as tall and as long as desired.

Image 1-3 shows your how to make the duct tape sides. Once finished neaten them up by trimming them.

Make a smaller side for the part of your purse that is opened…your going to attach that piece and the main piece together to make your purse.

Next is the small side and the main side attached together with black duct tape-for contrast. This is just showing you what it looks like with one of the sides attached, and covered.

You want to make sure you put maybe 3 pieces of duct tape all the way around the piece to where you attached to two pieces as this will be more sturdy.

Next we have both sides attached, now making the form of your purse. Make sure you reinforce both sides where you attach the pieces, if you dont it will be flimsy. Once you have this shape, crease the edges to make more of square shape.

Now we’re going to move onto making the base of the purse. Do the same thing with making the bottom as you did when making the main purse but
here comes the tricky tricky part.

Your going to take a piece of tape that is the length of your purse…i should actually say the circumference. It’ll be flexible so what i did was just put it on the edge of the purse frame and rolled it along until it met my starting point and then i cut it.

Once you have your tape met, cut a slit in the corners so its easier to fold down onto the base of the purse. Fold down the edges onto the base, you might want to put your hand inside to use it to press against when your smoothing the tape down. This is the inside of the purse base make sure once you have your base secure that you reinforce it on the inside. This part is really hard, because its hard to see, and hard to control the tape.

Ok, now we move onto the strap measure the length you want your strap to be and put sticky side to sticky side. If the edges dont match up its ok, we’re going to cover them anyways with black. Take the same length of black but dont stick it to another of that size. You’re going to cut it in half. I had the best luck by lying it on the table and cutting it with an exacto.

Put the black tape on either side of the pink strap, but place it so that you can fold it over onto the other side of the strap. Here’s what the strap looks like when its done (see picture). Now we’re almost done, attach the strap on the inside or outside, its your pref. just attach it using a couple pieces of duct tape.. to finish off the purse ‘seal’ the edge by putting a piece of tape, like you did the strap.

This wonderful project and images were contributed by Jes Beach

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