Dried Bean Bottle

This project is quick and simple to make and uses recycled jars and bottles.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

Kids can make these up for parents gifts, school fetes or fundraisers.

What you need

Clean jar or bottle
Assorted dried beans
Rubber band
Cotton wadding/sheeting


Start by layering the beans in various colors to the top of the jar.

Then tap lightly to settle down the beans. Keep adding more beans till it is full.

For a jar, cut a piece of cotton wadding the same size as the lid. Place wadding on top and place the fabric over to finish it off. Then tie a ribbon around the lid.

If you are using a decorative bottle with a nice lid. Just glue the lid closed and forget about the fabric.

Dried beans can be bought in health food stores or found in your supermarket lentil section.

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